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Food Safety And Quality Authority’sguidelines For The Food Importer

  1. All importers of food and feed shall obtain a registration form from FSQA and submit a completed form.
  2. Food Safety and Quality Act 2011 requires all food business operators to be licensed

    Importers of food will arrange for an inspection of the premises and facilities by FSQA

    Based on the result of the inspection, FSQA will approve the issuance of a license / permit to operate a food business under specified conditions
  3. For each consignment, licensed importers must submit to FSQA an Import Declaration form at least 21 days before arrival of foods
  4. Upon arrival, importer will provide following documentations of the consignment for FSQA to take the necessary action for allowing entry of consignment.

    - Certificate of origin

    - Certificate issued by the Food Safety Competent Authority of the exporting country.

Food Safety and Quality Authority of The Gambia is established by the Food Safety and Quality Act, 2011 under the Office of The President. It is the sole National Competent Authority with powers of delegation mandated to officially control the safety and quality of all foods (including water and beverages) and animal feed whether locally produced, imported or destined for export.

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